Building Engineering

Project Management and Integrated Design

Precision, quality and digitalisation of processes are the basis for a well-structured project. The architecture of the buildings evolves with state-of-the-art construction technologies to meet all market needs, encouraging innovation in traditional construction techniques such as brick or concrete, and the digitalisation of processes to make the workflow fluid and flexible. Every single project is taken care of by the Manni Green Tech team of specialists and technicians to develop the details and optimal solutions that need to be built, backed by the experience and knowledge of the system tested over the years.

The technical support of our team is possible thanks to engineers specialised in steel constructions with many years of experience in this sector, starting from steelwork structures up to light steel structures. Our engineering department is composed of several technicians who are able to support the design of the structures combined with the dry envelope systems and sandwich panels to achieve different levels of construction and assembly details according to the customer's requests.

Construction times can be significantly reduced thanks to the millimetric precision of factory production. Each component of the structure and the cladding is studied in detail by the latest technology system to match up perfectly. The synergy between the phases and the actors involved in the process is aimed at offering the best service for the selection and procurement of materials.

Observing the schedule and quality of the work thanks to a network of qualified professionals in the assembly of steel and dry system constructions. The construction phase on site allows for a clean and safe site, on time with the pre-established deadlines.
Thanks to the accurate project management service and the coordination of activities with production, the integrated logistics service can follow the various construction phases according to the customer's needs.

According to the various project and site-related needs, and according to the selected construction technology, the assembly phase can be supported by off-site pre-assembly activities: in a manufacturing and controlled site the components are assembled together to reduce construction time and facilitate work on site where logistics and storage are not facilitated.