Manni Energy acquires the Mætrics company specialized in IoT solutions

On 01/12/2020 the company Manni Energy S.r.l. merged with Maetrics S.r.l.

Founded in 2011, Maetrics focuses primarily on engineering intelligent solutions for energy management and building automation The ability to use the latest technologies allows Maetrics to provide Cloud solutions and IoT platforms to increase efficiency building energy, as well as real estate expertise, large-scale in the retail, industry and entertainment sectors.

Maetrics has grown over the past few years. Starting from the typical area of ​​Building Automation, it then quickly developed into Energy and Space Management solutions. The solid experience acquired recently together with an innovative thinking oriented to new development opportunities have allowed Maetrics to bring innovative solutions in industrial sectors with high energy consumption, regardless of how far their core business was from the energy sector. The main objective of Maetrics consultants is to reconcile customer satisfaction with the development of the green economy.

Among the achievements of which Maetrics boasts, we find the project for the centralized control of security, lighting and alarm systems for the Milan Outlet Airport, the installation of a software for presence detection at 5 Unicredit offices in Italy, the supply an analytical tool to aggregate consumption data and create KPIs for 20 Axa Insurance offices.

Manni Energy was founded in 2011 as an operating company within the Manni Group, and represents the commitment to clean energy of Manni Group - a historic leader in the international market for steel processing and metal insulating panels, with a leading role order in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector. In 2019 Manni Group achieved a turnover of 603 million euros and 1,156 employees.

Manni Energy is dedicated to the development, construction and management of plants for the production of electricity from renewable sources, controlling all stages of the process in order to ensure maximum efficiency - from analysis to design and performance monitoring. The company has in fact developed Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services for renewable source energy plants, with the use of advanced remote control systems., Also thanks to the software of the newly acquired company Maetrics.

Furthermore, in the second half of 2018, Manni Energy signed the first ten-year PPA in Italy, considered the longest term contract stipulated so far. The Power Purchasing Agreement, or energy purchase agreement, provided for the sale of 100% of the energy produced by the 5 plants that make up the photovoltaic park that the company built up to the first half of 2019 in Sicily.

The project has provided stable and predictable revenues for the sale of electricity and is born in partnership between Manni Energy and Canadian Solar, in agreement with Trailstone. The entire production of energy that the photovoltaic systems generated was sold by the multinational Canadian Solar together with Manni Energy to the trading company Trailstone which dealt with the distribution of energy on the Italian wholesale market. 


For Maetrics, this merger represents an opportunity to consolidate their experiences and at the same time enjoy the investment and development opportunities of an industrial group such as Manni Group. In fact, the company is able to offer it an increased capacity for research and development and greater capacity to cope with larger projects.

Through this acquisition, Manni Energy expands its proposition in compliance with the approved industrial plan, which envisages a central role in the expansion of its offer through digitization tools.


Beyond the advantages that this acquisition brings to individual companies, important synergies also arise from it. The union of Maetrics and Manni Energy means merging the skills of the world of energy and renewables with those of the world of IoT and artificial intelligence (R&D).

The inclusion in the field of digitalization (O&M) by Maetrics brings added value, as it can contribute to the creation of innovative products for the Group, especially in collaboration with Isopan and Manni Green Tech.

The development of the Modulo Capsula project is a clear example of Maetrics integration with the world of Manni Green Tech. Designed by Il Prisma with Manni Green Tech technology, Capsula is a modular structure in pre-assembled light steel, completed by variable cladding systems and systems, created to complement an existing building, increasing the square meters available per person and generating new possibilities. of use, able to support various activities of the mondo office, residential, retail, park and hospitality. Maetrics is essential in this context, through the installation of sensors throughout the module for its efficiency. Among the interventions of Maetrics: solar shading to control thermal gains and lighting, integrated management with daylight and presence sensors for preset programs, controlled mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and air filtration, active air sanitization devices on channels supply, dedicated electrical system with mains power supply, possible integration with photovoltaic or other generators.

Client orientation

The merger between Maetrics and Manni Energy brings benefits to the customers of both companies. In fact, it offers a series of additional services, including the provision of experiences even more consolidated from the merger, a wider Value Proposition, as well as an integrated set of skills in the world of photovoltaics and energy consultancy both from a regulatory point of view. that strategic.

Logistical information

From a logistical point of view, Maetrics will be fully incorporated into Manni Energy, at its registered office in Verona, while physically maintaining its two current operational offices in Verona and in Marghera at the innovation center "Parco Scientifico Tecnologico di Venezia ".

With this approach, an unchanged, if not improved, customer-supplier relationship will be guaranteed, with a view to continuous progress achieved now jointly.

Strengthened by these new synergies, we are counting on a consolidation and new development of our business, and we take this opportunity to thank our customers for their constant support and collaboration.