Isopan presents ADDMIRA, the new family dedicated to Isopan façades

Isopan - Insulating Design launches the new ADDMIRA range: with this name, the Manni Group’s company specialised in building envelope solutions has grouped all its innovations and systems for the world of designer façades.

An evocative name that brings out the architectural beauty and fine finishes that make the building’s identity unique through its shape. The prefix ADD- is related to the theme of adding, layering and combining elements that characterise the versatility of Isopan façades.

The ADDMIRA range is divided into three sub-categories of external envelope systems: ADDVision, ADDCross and ADDWind. 

Design, versatility, efficiency

With ADDMIRA systems, every project can find new meeting points between technology, innovation and creativity as a result of the variety of offers from the off-site world. The advantage of ADDMIRA is in fact its versatility, since there is an application for every architectural need, from marble-effect walls to ventilated façades.

An efficient building envelope must meet the essential requirements in order to obtain the best energy performance: ADDMIRA, as a result of Isopan’s experience, fulfils the current needs with regard to thermal insulation, soundproofing and resistance to water infiltrations.

We believe in innovation and sustainability, as well as internationalization, as essential values on which to base our vision of the future.

The new ADDMIRA range, which includes the Isopan offer dedicated to designer façades, represents the maximum expression of these principles, confirming our global service and ability to develop concrete and innovative solutions, which is also thanks to valuable partnerships with key players in the sector. The systems offered in the three categories – ADDWind, ADDCross and ADDVision –, in addition to having a high aesthetic quality with regard to the finishes and the choice of combinations, also target reducing the environmental impact of buildings while improving the comfort of those who live within them.Enrico Frizzera, CEO Manni Group 


This is the range of solutions for walls and façades made with sandwich panels, with an insulating core made of polyurethane or mineral wool. Light and easy to install, ADDVision products are suitable for off-site construction, especially in the industrial and commercial sectors.

ADDVision is a multipurpose solution: it has a very wide range of colours, surface finishes and metal facings, and it is possible to adapt the length, width and thickness of the modules to different needs. They can be combined with Isopan components and accessories such as ISOLED, the lighting system integrated in the panels that can create multiple light effects.

However, ADDVision’s innovation lies in the option to fully adapt the external surface of the product with customisable screen printing that can give a strong personality to the entire project, ensuring total design freedom.


ADDCross offers innovative solutions for façades of existing buildings or new constructions, where the advantages of sandwich panels are combined with high-quality natural and synthetic facings: stoneware, stone, cork - the options are endless. 

In particular, as a result of the performance and aesthetic qualities of the products, this Isopan range is a valid solution for the world of Retrofitting of buildings while making them more efficient from an energy point of view and completely renewing their aesthetic appearance.


ADDWind brings together the Isopan solutions for the world of ventilated façades.

The ventilated façade is a technologically complex building facing, with dry installation, and uses mechanical anchoring to secure a second skin to the external wall. It provides an air gap between the perimeter wall of the building, where an insulating layer is added, and the external facing.

The best performance deriving from ventilation of the façade enables an increase in the insulating properties of the wall pack, thereby resulting in better energy efficiency of the entire building.

A wide range of technical, dimensional and aesthetic features are also available for the ADDWind solutions, and they are suitable for new buildings or retrofitting of existing buildings, especially in the case of modular façades and surfaces.

The new ADDMIRA range is the perfect combination between insulating performance and freedom of expression. It virtuously expresses the synthesis of technology and experience that has enabled us to develop systems that are capable of meeting any design requirements: from ventilated façades, to pre-finished dry cladding, also including curtain wall systems for existing buildings, promoting an off-site and sustainable approach.” Luigi Guerrini, Isopan Technical Department Manager